this is a call to all of you

This is a call to all of you, to all people that thinks that things are wrong in this world and a change it’s needed, this is a call to all of you that are tired of see how goverments doesn’t hear people problems.

This is a call to all people that wants a better world for their childrens than the world they lived.

Sure that you read that in all the world the people got problems, probably you got problems too.

At the begining of this year i was  tired to see how people search trash in the containers, waiting for the caducate food that supermarkets throw everyday, tired to see how people works from Sunshine to Sunrise only to see that they can’t pay the bills, buy food, and must consider that they are the lucky ones cos a big part of the world poblation doesn’t have a job, or lost the one they have, seeing how the people doesn’t have an option to find a new job, and how they lost their houses and must go to the street, with their families. Tired to see how the goverment look this and instead of help then, they growed up the taxes, made cuts in the social rights, enlarged the time you must work to could retire, give facilities to the companies to dismiss personal, made cuts in the healt-care system. Gives money to the banks and to the corporations but not to the people.

I always think that world evolution must go in the way to make things easier to the people, but the truth it’s that goes only in the benefits of a few group of privileged people that control the financial markets & the goverments. I always think and I believe it, that the world must change to a more social world, worried about the persons, not about the benefits, where the people can live without stress, and where things like a house, food, healt-care, education, retirement, must be garantized for every person.

I deeply believe in this, and deeply believe that world must change to that, the time of the actual system has gone.

In March 2011, I contacted one group of persons that tired as i was about the situation, created a group in Facebook and started to organize the May 15th protest, called Real Democracy Now, we all could notice that we were not alone, lot of people was worried as we were and finally, in May 15th the people explode and the protest was massive in all my country.

More than 60 cities, thousand miles of worried persons claimed about a better world, we asked about Real Democracy, but not only that, we claimed about a change in the way things are to a better way, more social, focused in persons, not in profits. With a bigger people representation in all the decisions, in fact, for a better world for our childs.

And the people screamed it too.

Soon, the movement was knowed around the world, soon, a new movements started, “Spanish Revolution“, “World Revolution“, “15M movement”, “15M camps”, and the people in other countries started their own protests, there are protests all around the world, also in your country, and they all, they all protest for one thing.

A better world for all.

Here I’m asking you to join us, to protest, perhaps you think it’s not your problem, perhaps you think that in your country the problems are others, or there’s no problems at all. Perhaps in your country the problem it’s there’s no freedom, but in fact all protests for the same cause, a better world for all us.

I don’t mind if you want to come under Real Democracy Now, or under World Revolution, under the camps, or under other cause, if you think that things must change, i ask you to join, to protest.

There will be a big world protest in October 15th, you can find information in Facebook, in Twitter in lot of pages, with the place in your country/town. I ask you to go to that protest.

I only want to make a petition, all protests, all, are pacifist, no violence, violence never obtain anything, violence never helps to a cause.

Now think that if you’re agree with this, if you think things must change, come, because if we protest and claim about this, perhaps we don’t obtain anything, perhaps yes, but for sure if we don’t protest nothing will never change.

If you’re agree, please difund this, tell everyone about this, things are changing all around the world, we just started, we all must continue it. Search your event in Facebook and go, let your voice be hear.


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