This Saturday – Ocuppy Wall Street

September 17th it’s here, this Saturday one protest in all world markets it’s convocated.

Did you know that 70% of the market operations are automatic? the world economy destiny is controled by machines instead persons, that buy, sold, in sort of a few parameters, see what happened in Japan, one user that wants to sell 1 stock at 610.000 yens wrote bad it saying that he sells 610.000 stocks at 1 yen each one, you can imagine the confussion and how it affected the markets.

The Market it’s actual system heart, it’s the markets heart and don’t understand about people, only about numbers. To take a view of how Market works and how much important are we to them, a litle sample. One Month ago more or less, Somalia announced famine, to the markets this means that must buy stocks of First foodstuffs  intermediate companies. Those sectors speculators, buy all the seed that they can and leave it in warehouses in all ports around the world, leaving it there letting it’s price rise and with that make that their stocks goes up in the market and obtain more proffits. With a litle bit of luck, one seed or two ends in Somalía, but meanwhile from the misery and hungry of millions, one few make proffit.

For that, we must say “enough”, because we all deserves a better world that look for the people, we must go, here you have the Facebook events, where you can find more information.

Spanish : Toma la Bolsa

English : Ocuppy Wall Street


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