October 15th – World mobilization & what are you going to do?

October 15th Democracia Real Ya convoqued a huge protest at world level, there’s enough causes, the fight that started in May 15th it’s only in it’s beginning, perhaps in this time you lost your house, your job, perhaps not. But what is clear is that the things caused us to take the streets are still there.

May 15th serves as an inspiration to lot of people, like you, like me, that globally goes out to protest, you saw it in Greece, Italy, Israel, EEUU, also in Brasil, UK, France, and more… the list has no end.

Now, it’s time to show that we can’t continue in this way, a global filosofy change it’s needed, one where the people must be first and the markets last.

But to do that we all must go, you, me, all. If you think that things must change, if you thing that we can’t continue in this way, I asked you to come with us, come, protest and fight for a future, not for a better future, onnly for a future, because in this way there’s no future at all.

I truly believe after saw the corruption, the actions taked to save the markets instead the persons, after the lot of people evicted, the millions of jobless people around the world, the social cuts, the health care cuts, education cuts, the hungry, there’s no need to give you more arguments to come.

So please, come and show your support in the FB events, in October 15th in your city, go out and protest, peacefully, but firmly against a situation that it’s  completely untenable and for a future.

Where are you going to be?


Now you can find all the events actualized here  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=183607508375296

Main Global Event join it!

It’s eventually impossible to have a list in this post actualized, for that, In the link you’ll find an actualized listed with all events, every day new cities appears.