Another world it’s possible

Yes, it’s possible, at least for me, let’s make a suposse ok? let’s suposse this:

Suposse a world where the Companies don’t exist only to obtain proffits, they exists to give a service or a product, with the only object of make life better to the human and advance in Investigation & Development.

Suppose a World where the employees doesn’t work for bread, where they work to serve the rest of the Society.

A World in with, doesn’t matter where are you from, we all got the same rights & responsabilities and all cost exactly the same, a world that makes easy the integration of laboral life & family life, that garantize by right a job, a house, a salary, a retirement, a Free of Charges Quality Health Care System and a good education.

I think that this world it’s possible, a world more solidary, where instead of destroy our enviroment or let starved to death a full country, or fight only for one € more of proffit, a world where we work together and appropiately arranged the resources to make that nobody must got to be homeless and get hungry, where the objective will be the all well-being, and not the few ones well-being.

I’m not economist, I’m developer, but I imagine something so simply like that, I imagine a world with only one coin, with the same rights for all the people in all the world, where a Chinese worker, got the same working day & salary that one in India, Spain or USA.

I think that it’s possible, I think in a world where when you reach the adult age, the goberment must search you a job, mandatory at least you find another better, for example related about what you studied or you want to work, where they rented you a house at low cost, so you could be independent and rise as person, and allow you to start your way in the life.  A house that of course you let in the moment you find something better.

The Health Care System must be guarantized in every world site, also the education, for all

I think a world like this it’s possible,  where the objective it’s not be more than the other, it’s that all got guarantized a dignify life and work for the common well of the humanity.


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