World Rise Up – October 15th it’s here!

The biggest World manifestation in the humanity history it’s going to be next October 15th, The biggest manifestation in YOUR defense. Persons like you, like me, that big majority that lives battered day by day and that every day see how they cut more and more their rights, their salary, their future.

If you still have dudes, open your eyes, isn’t enough with all that you seen before? the cuts that were done under the excuse that it’s need to clean up economy, who’s economy?

Workers rights are in their badest moment, they can dissmiss us, cheeperly, easily, in fact, they can got us as temporals workers for the rest of our life. The Goberments where giving helps to the Banks, meanwhile they left you rot, and then to see that the big managers of those Banks share the money between theirselfs and with the Beneplacit of the National Bank of your country.

And here our politicians hands up and one woman that wins 240.000€ at year says, “but how this was allowed?”

They cut education, Health Care, Asistencial services, Health Care centers, but they don’t cut their salarys, in fact, the 80% of the new councils in Spain the first thing they done was rise up it.

And Aren’t you with a fool face yet?

For the Future, they said that must be a big hard reform of the Job Market, in short words they’re going to cut more our rights, they’re going to freeze our salaries or perhaps rise down more! and they’re going to make easier the dismiss and the temporality.

In Germany Merkel announce that she’ll help the Banks ever that it’s needed WITH PUBLIC MONEY

In Greece a farmaceutical doesn’t sell more Cancer medicines! and also the Troika goes and says Greece that they must quit the Minimal Salary! Hey! are you crazy or what?

You see day by day how all that politicians says are actions to save the actual economic system, actions that far away to work, fails once & another, or empty words, content empty, generalist that allow them to don’t compromete theirselfs, meanwhile you see how the considered winner horse let their autonomic/states babys exploits & exploits the people, hey your rights, but without rise down one € of their salaries, in fact rising up their salaries, going to the hairdresser in official cars, and more…

And meanwhile you’re in problems to end the month, to eat, seeing how your childrens education it’s going poorest, your health care system, your medicines dissapears from the pharmacy and your workers rights are throwed to the trash. In pro of “needed fixes to go out of the crissis”, some plump gentlement,  with expensives cars & clothes, that you’ll never seen having hungry or in the street, that eat every day a good buffet, laughs about all this.

And are you going to don’t do anything?

It’s time, go to the streets! protest! other world it’s posible, but only if we go out together and works for it.

There’s a phrase in the USA that it’s very similar about what we’re saying long time ago, “we are the 99%”, we said that we are majority, and it’s true, it’s not possible, it’s not ethic, it’s not moral, that one 1% gobern and live well at 99% that got hungry expenses.

Here you got a list of towns in all the world where you can find yours, enter and ask, let’s go to search a future.

15.October WorldrEvolution


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