15O the pacific revolution, for a global change

4 days 11 hours 18 minutes & 5 seconds, that it’s what democracia real ya counter shows meanwhile I’m writing these lines.

When that clock stops in 0:0:0 will be the moment of the biggest pacific revolution in the human history, thousands, hundred of thousands, millions of persons will go out to the streets in all the world to scream it’s enough! and not to request, in fact to demand,  what it’s right, a global change for everyone, a better world for everyone, a future.

All are going to be there, and we’ll demand these change, peacefully, without disturbs, without violence, like this movement has been allways, October 15th must be and it’s going to be a civic example, society matter implication, one scream to that 1% to make them see, that their time has gone, and that now it’s the time to the other 99%!

We don’t want more especulation, we don’t want more corruption, we don’t want more beatiful words, we want to see our rights fullfiled, want to decide our own destiny, want to got garantized our constitutional rights, house, work, education, food, health care, that are and must be free of charge, publics and waranteed to all the humans.

October 15th we will walk together, to a global change.

Come, I wait you there.

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3 comentarios en “15O the pacific revolution, for a global change

  1. Perdona,

    Me puedes decir donde comienza kla marcha en Tel Aviv,m estare ahi por esas fechas y como no estare en mi ciudad pos al menos ir a la marcha en otra ciudad. Ademas seria interesante participar en la que tiene lugar en Tel Aviv

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