Goverments attacks democracy in Greece

A referendum it’s the most authentic & Pure example of Democracy in the actual system, it’s the way where the goverments ask the citizens what must they do, but Today, the EU, and others, are trying to stop that process in Greece.

Papandreus announced yesterday that he’s going to do a referendum to ask their citizens if they want the last rescue plan, I think it’s the best decission Papandreus took, and what are the reactions in the world? They want to stop it, they don’t want that citizens answer that question, and they threaten Greece saying that a referendum it’s more or less the same as ask about living the EU. They’re trying to scare Greeks and to stop Papandreus.

And why? Because they are scared, scared about their finantials, about the people taking control of their future, their scared about their business.

Papandreus needs support now of all the people that believe in the Real Democracy, I believe that all people that believe in Democracy are agree with a referendum, and I believe that we all that believe in Democracy must condemn this acts of the goverments to try to kill a democratic process, our Goverments, are showing us, that we really don’t live in Democracy with this acts.

And we must show them that we want Democracy!


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