A litle bit of history

It’s enough time since the day we took the streets, so I think i can do a litle flashback and remember what happened in this last months.

I must go back nine months to talk about this, was more or less in February, I was worried about the situation in the world but primarily in my Country, Spain. I watched in TV the Greece situation, and how we were losing social rights from years, in fact, one year before i started to wrote about the situation in this blog, (you can find the posts only looking backwards), I screamed about a change, about that we must do something and some day, someone told me that in FB, something whats happening.

I contacted some guys about one demostration in March 12 in my country, in this group, i contacted another persons and I realized that there was a lot of people worried as me and Indignated.

One of those guys was a young guy that administer a group called Juventud en Acción, and with him and the others we realized that if we all were worried about the same, why don’t work together. Fabio Gandara, one of these guys, created with two more guys the group “Plataforma de coordinación de grupos pro-movilización ciudadana, Democracia Real Ya”, and we started to contact all these groups.

Soon we discuss about the manifest & the propossals, and we started to work on it, because we really were agree that we need changes in the actual democratic system, but it was not all, also we promoted propossals to try to resolve the problems that affects our society.

I must say that I’m not politician, I’m just a program developer.

The things went fast very soon, creating a page http://www.democraciarealya.es, (Thx manje for all your work), and a forum that now doesn’t exist, where all people discussed about propossals, offered their time to work in the demostration… was days of lot of work but also of lot of discussions, nervous, and happy moments, we realized that almost all people were agree with us, soon we growed from 20 to almost 600 in the group working together, starting groups for each town…

In those days i was working in the Madrid Demostration and giving support for the local events, we were talking about how to do the banners, the route to follow, about authorization and of course, about security, cos we wanted that this demo was pacific and with no violence, because we wanted that all people participate in it, all indignates with the situation, old, young, mothers, fathers, sons…, my job was easy at first, but everyday was more towns to support reaching 60 in the previous days, also I started the International Group and the Post 15M group. Meanwhile others were working in place, in the communication, in the banners, in diffussion… more than 600persons indignates working together leaving aside their ideology or differences of any type, was really beautiful… and exhausting.

So exhausting, we all were working in days of 20hours, but finally the May 15 reached and we all were there.

The demo was amazing, lot of people, in every town marches together for a Real Democracy, with no violence, with songs, with a feeling that we were doing something really big, that day we thought that was great, but what happened later, was better.

Someone, we don’t know who, decided to camp in Sol, soon, more people made the same in other places and the 15M movement started, new groups appeared in FB and new movements, acampadasol, acampadabcn, SpanishRevolution, WorldRevolution, camps appeared in all the world, we got pics from one person in Siberia camped.

The next big movement was in June 19, for those days i wasn’t more in Dry groups, I was working in International and it’s where I’m right know, the movement was unstoppable, and we all were happy about it, people all around the world, citizens, indignated with their politicians, with their goberments, but overall with the markets and looking for one thing, a better world for all.

Dry announced in end of May the next BIG ONE, and launched the October 15th Date, as a global movement, we, in the International group, started to contact people, and we got news about a demo that was going to happen in the EEUU, that movement was called Occupy Wall Street and was for September 17th, we liked the Idea so people start to promote it also, so that day the 15M & Occupy walked together, in Spain was a very few people that went to the markets, but still representative of the indignation.

Occupy and the 15M went together in October 15th, and that day more than 500.000 persons took the streets in Madrid, more than 1.200.000 in all Spain, and a Huge uncountable number in all the world with more than 85 countries and more or less 800 towns.

We all are there as citizens, we all are searching a better world, we want a real democracy, but not only that, we want a world for persons, not for markets, this it’s a movement of citizens, pacific, working together, and giving a example to the world that another world it’s possible.

This is the 15M & Occupy movement.

And this was my litle history about 15M.


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